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I am using Outlook and was notified that there was an update so I downloaded and installed. When I tried opening the app it said that it could not change to that identify. I tried rebuilding it and I could not set either of the identities as the default so I reinstalled Office, and Outlook after a 4 hour 1G download, again! Try to Uninstall Office first. The uninstall and reinstall worked, thank you very much! I am a little concerned because this all started with an update installation. Now my Macbook Pro just notified me of the same update. Perhaps the update will work this time now that your identity has been rebuilt.

Her is the message I get when trying to open Outlook: Ther is a problem with the Office Database. To use the datables you must rebuilt it using Database Utility. When when I do that the las t line reads: Your database could not be rebuilt. This happened to me lats week and again today. Is there solution? About a week ago Outlook quit working. I get: Microsoft Outlook will not work. Check with the developer to make sure it is compatible with your version of OSX. I tried the alt to rebuild and get he same comments. If I reinstall will lose my mail?

I reinstalled. It went very quick which surprised me. Same problem??? Should I have removed it before I reinstalled? If so, what do I need to do to protect the existing email?? When I woke up this morning everything was fine until I plugged in my internet data stick. It totally worked. Before you do it, make a copy of your data folder. It worked perfect for me and you saved my life. I spent hour migrating and re-organizing my mailboxes in Outlook and was really disappointed that it stopped working all by a sudden.

Hope this helps. Hi Leslie, This is my suggestion, but I have not tried it myself, so take it with cautions:. You may LOSE your email data if you do not have backup on email server or other place. Try googling regarding outlook data backup. In case you are using Exchange server or IMAP server, it may not a problem, because you still have emails on the server. POP3 server normally delete the messages from server after you download to your computer. Ok, here comes my suggestion: Since it is an identity database, you can remove any database you see there, and open Outlook again.

That will trigger Outlook to have a fresh startup. I was freaking out, found this, and it worked! Thank you. Hello — I still need help with Outlook! When you uninstalled Office, did you rename the Microsoft User Data folder located in the Documents folder before reinstalling office? If you have not already done so can you try this and report back. Thanks so much for your reply. Not to be ignorant, but I am not sure how to rename the Microsoft User Data folder.

Do I make an alias for it? Do I duplicate it and put the original folder on the desktop and the newly named on in the Documents folder? I copied the Main Identity folder and the many other identities I had created when trying to rebuild and dragged them to the desktop. I was then able to open Outlook and set up my account. Outlook then downloaded the e-mails sitting on the server.

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So I do have use of Outlook and the e-mails in my unsorted inbox, but I really need to restore the folders. Thanks very much for your help. This worked like a charm on the 1st try. Took about 15 minutes to rebuild the database, then started perfectly, and no issues since. Thank you for the post. I tried to open my Outlook today and it will not open. It does what some others say: I have done both the rebuild and re-installation of the Office software and still nothing.

Can someone help? Step 1 of 5: Scanning… Step 2 of 5: Verifying… Step 3 of 5: Copying records to new database… Step 4 of 5: Recovering data… Your database could not be rebuilt. You need to have a lot of space available in order to rebuild the database and it could be the problem in your situation. This worked perfectly, first try! Just found your site — very helpful! Then tried Rebuilding again…still get the same message! This worked great for me. Sometimes you can get more information by running Outlook from the command line in my case it produced this error message.

Worked for me! Happy and happy Office upgrade. Further, that maneuver also fixed a problem I was having quitting from Outlook: Your unsaved work may be lost. I am surprised at how well everything got imported—1,s of contacts, s of nested folders, calendar events from til the year The rebuild worked.

Thanks so much. My Outlook went south when I was deleting old emails. Any suggestions there? Thank you, thank you, thank you! Worked first time. It worked first time. This worked great. Just make sure you manually close all other Office applications. I tried it a second time but made sure to manually close all open Office apps and it worked as described.

Thanks so much for this post. This was an easy and quick fix for my problem. I wish i had looked for an answer before reinstalling office for mac. At first it didnt work with me but i reinstall outlook and it was still not working then i tried it again and it worked thanks…….

Rebuilding the main identity appears to have solved the problem that developed on my iMac where Outlook would not open properly. Thanks for the advice!

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This was exactly what I needed and when I needed it. Thank you so much! This worked perfectly! I am one of a few peeps that has a mac, and uses outlook on it, at a large corporation that only supports windows. This post was 3rd in the response ranking. Thank you, it worked! Glad I came across your message on my first search and it was the first I tried. Sadly this solution didnt work on my mac. Tried several times. A new identify is successfully built however Outlook still doesnt open. I have also tried removing and reinstalling the MS Office without success.

This trick doesnt work for me. I rebuild my identity however Outlook still doesnt open. After the rebuild it doesnt give an error code but just wont open. I have tried every trick in the book and this thread e. I just updated OSX to Looked at advise from Microsoft, suggesting to move files and folders which i was a bit daunted about doing. But am I going to loose all the mails, contacts, notes etc. I was also cleaning out old emails when Outlook failed. Thank you very much from KSA, I got stuck over the past 2 days because of this problem, your tip has been very helpful.

Thanks a million. All is back to normal. It did! One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined. Try backing up your database and reinstalling outlook then importing your database. Thank you very much, you are a life saver. Your solution has opened it for me and I am really grateful. Thank goodness for people like you and the google facility.

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Exactly what I needed. Worked perfectly. U are really a life saver. Thank you so much. I looked for over three hours on MS and Mac Forum sites and found nothing useful. I have saved your site and will use it first going forward. Thanks again!! Earlier today my Mac locked up totally. This is rare, but I could do nothing and was eft with no choice but to press the power button and form a restart. I repaired permissions and all that. Only problem is thatMy Avast AntiVirus for Mac is popping up all kinds of alerts for messages in the database and then Outlook crashes again.

I guess I need to throw away the existing database and re-download all the mail again. Thank you so much for sharing this information. It took me less than 5 min to get it to work again! I just downloaded microsoft office Hello Shaun, Try re-downloading the installer as it may have become corrupted during the download. Also make sure you are downloading from either a Microsoft website or the Apple store. At first, this did not work for me but read on: Outlook would still refuse to start up just showing a brief splash screen and then aborting, same as before even AFTER successfully rebuilding the Outlook database following the instructions here.

Now I am thinking: Maybe a reboot was all that was needed in my case which did not necessarily require rebuilding the database. Therefore, if you have this issue Outlook for Mac not starting up , you could try the following steps:. Once the Outlook database is successfully rebuilt, try launching Outlook again. All this may sound Woodoo. After all, OS X is not supposed to be as much plagued as Windows with process cleanup issues and the like, and should not, in principle, require frequent reboots. Yeah, right…. Thanks from me as well. I freaked out for an hour or so before finding this fix and then within 15 minutes or so everything was restored and my panic was over.

I searched all over the internet and found a handful of convoluted, complicated responses before happening upon this one — this explanation fixed the problem in less than a minute. Perfect, thank you! Worked like a charm!

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I restarted and it came up.. I was pleasantly shocked! How will I get back to my emails? I tried to rebuilt the main identity but the final message came out saying that my database could not be rebuilt. I am wondering since there is no archive in my outlook, can i just delete the current identity and create a new one?

Worked great — and all 20, plus of my old e-mails were saved.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the various questions — the questions and your answers were very helpful…. I have a corporate Mac now but it crashed and this was the problem. Thanks for the perfect tip. It worked….. Why does it crash? Is there a capacity issue with outlook? If yes, how to solve it.

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My goodness me, I had given up hope — I was actually googling to find out if there was a way to access my outlook contacts and up came this post. So grateful. Everything worked fine until I stupidly installed the Microsoft Office update again! Same problem. You rock man! Thank you a million times! Very simple yet effective solution. It worked well. Took less than 10 minutes to rebuild my Outlook. Thanks buddy. One more shoutout from someone whose Outlook ass got kicked by buggy system upgrades.

This worked for the fix this morning and started my day off on the right foot! Woo hoo! This is my work email and I was worried when I saw messages about the database, etc. Thanks SO much!!! Been having a nightmare without this email working — it was essentially my apple mail back up so I cannot thank you enough for this post!!! Menu Skip to primary content.

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  4. Home Downloads Contact Us. Problem When you open Outlook on your Mac, it opens for a brief moment and then closes. The Microsoft Database Utility window will appear. Click the Rebuild button. It will now rebuild your Outlook database. Once it has finished, click the Done button. Close the Microsoft Database Utility. You should now be able to open Outlook. If this does not work, then try reinstalling Office Share this: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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    I was deleting old emails when my crash occurred this time…. While the web is generally filled with misinformation, these directions are dead on. Same here! This totally fixed my problem and everything works fine again now! Worked first time! What am I doing wrong? How do I fix the problem or get reconnected?

    This was the exact thing I needed. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Aug 22, 1: Aug 22, 1: Aug 23, 3: Page content loaded. Aug 22, 2: Aug 22, 6: Aug 22, 7: Aug 23, 1: Aug 23, 2: In response to Carlos G. Aug 23, 5: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: My problem is that several programs refuse to open up.

    My VLC player, as well as all components of Microsoft Office, when clicked in the dock, the icon bounces, and then stops- without opening the program. I need to know how to fix this as I use Word everyday and am having trouble without it. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

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    Hex50 Hex I repaired permissions under Disk Utility, and shut the comp down and restarted. Now it is working fine, that's the simplest thing you can try. View answer in context. I've seen previous posts on the forum that noted that if this isn't done with caution, code can be removed that makes Rosetta inoperable. In other words, PPC apps could no longer be launched. The solution would be a System Archive and Install.

    Loading page content. Both programs still won't open up at all.